April 27, 2016

The Next Level Conference could be a catalyst for your expansion; good platform for your accelerated growth; and “rocket launch facility”…

If you are a large company and you have a proven record of results in terms of market share or revenue in the last several years, but you want to expand your business in new territories or new segments in the global market; If you are an SME company and you have a service/product that is technology-driven or innovative and you strive for a “quantum leap” in your development If you are a Start-up or  lab/research unit/team of scientists, that has great ideas, but need knowledge, financing or partners to give life to it and to create the “next big thing” out there  

Best Practice Offered

HOW TO support your company growth through research commercialization: introducing tailor-made scientific solutions in their business and product lines to help companies enter the higher value-added segments within the markets in which they operate; HOW TO increase your business development capabilities through optimization of business processes and gaining market foresight: understanding the global value chain within which they operate; HOW TO increase your technology transfer capacity: how through access to advanced scientific knowledge (researchers and scientists) you can increase your technology absorption and technology transfer capabilities to gain a competitive edge on the market within which they operate; HOW TO build a business contacts network with industrial enterprises part of the global value chain, with business angels, banks and venture capitalist funds that have experience in funding technology companies and facilitate your growth in the knowledge-economy market segment.