Manager Pages – Master

Challenge Achievement Password
The Profiler Coffee Talk Coffee1934
The Profiler Make a Plan, Work a Plan plan934
Deep Dive Know your numbers numbers923
Deep Dive Bridging the gap gap93
Deep Dive Above Average above83
Deep Dive Stocking Up stock98
Pen Pal Taking the reins take90
Pen Pal Drop them a line drop87
Pen Pal Sign here sign54
Pen Pal Support your supporters support65
Pen Pal Ahead of the curve curve63
Pitch Perfect Every customer every time every99
Pitch Perfect I hear you hear74
Pitch Perfect 3 of a kind kind94
Pitch Perfect Agile as a cat agile83
Pitch Perfect From the top, down top763
Saves the sale Would you like a phone with that? phone02
Saves the sale SWATem swat093
Saves the sale Big Brain brain93
Saves the sale Why behind the why why1980
Saves the sale You can keep it keep932
Straight A Student 3rd times the charm charm93
Straight A Student Present and Accounted for account83
Straight A Student Second Nature nature78
Striaght A Student Eye in the sky sky9234
Sidekick I’ll be your huckleberry huckleberry2
Sidekick Train the trainer train93
Sidekick Your attention please attention63
Sidekick Sharing is caring care932
Out of the box NA box332