Manager Pages – Ninja

Challenge Achievement Password
Connect 4 You’ve Got a Friend In me friend93
Connect 4 Gotta Have It To Sell It sellit83
People Pleaser How’s It Going? going95
People Pleaser What do you like about your phone? phone84
People Pleaser You Got More Mail moremail34
People Pleaser Hello Out There there95
People Pleaser Hey Boss boss96
#Numbers How many Straight Talk? straight54
#Numbers Box Goals boxgoal38
#Numbers I Own This Store ownit83
Coffee Closers From G to E ge1078
Coffee Closers SWAT Team swat78
Coffee Closers What do you like about your phone phone84
Coffee Closers A brand for every customer customer01
Coffee Closers Will my phone work? workphone2
Sign me app There’s and app for that app234
Sign me app Thought Leader leader83
Puttin in work Pass with flying colors color93
Puttin in work Bueller…. Bueller bueller85
Puttin in work On it onit97
Let’s Table This Put in perspective perspect96
Let’s Table This At the table table934